Who are we?

Each tab tells more about our staff and who we are.

Jay Stauffer

This is Jay and his wife Aimee: parents of 11 children and grandparents of the newborn, Wesley Dehn, son of Joshua and Loraine (Jay’s daughter) Dehn.

Jay has been in the sewing and vacuum business for 20+ years and has seen God’s blessing in his work during those years in building a business of integrity, friendship, and trust. He loves relating to people and often shares a smile and a joke with whoever happens to be around to listen.

Though he started out only selling and repairing machines, he now teaches classes, repairs machines abroad, hosts events in the back room, and plans retreats for customers. Handi-Quilter has two events per year at the store, and Open Sew is a free event in the back room for anyone interested in sewing with friends while using our irons, space, and facilities. Recently, he has also started recording tutorials again on YouTube for solving problems and the questions that are always coming up. Click here to see an example!

Shawn Larson

This is Shawn and his wife Caroline: their daughter’s name is Alisha. Shawn is the Service Manager; he also loves people and is quick to answer the phone and door. His work is methodical and precise; he has worked with tight tolerances at a business before and applies this to his work here as well.