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Quilt Club BQ3100

The 3100 features a extention table, laser guide, and a motorized dual-feed capability in addition to all of the 2500 features!

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Quilt Club BQ2500

The 2500 features 11″ of throat space, a motorized presser foot, automatic tensions, automatic presser foot pressure, large screen display for user friendliness, and bright lighting system!

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Quilt Club BQ1350

The 1350 has a seam-thickness sensor that triggers the 1350’s automated presserfoot to lift up just a little to help get over the seam. This machine also can automatically raise the presser foot at the end of each seam, after automatically cutting your thread as well!

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Quilt Club BQ950

The 950 really upscales the PS500: the 950 includes—above what the PS500 has—an extension table, walking foot, 1/4″ foot, twin-spool stand, and automatic tensions, all of which the PS500 does not include.

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The PS500 is a major upgrade from the NS80e in that the PS500 has 8.8″ of throat space instead of the smaller lightweight portable build of the NS80e. The PS500 has a thread cutter, lettering stitches, and an automated backstitch with thread-cut at the end of each seam!

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The NS80e has a fantastic threader which is used in a similar form all the way up to the top-of-the-line Brother machines! This machine is very simple and easy to use; the NS80e weighs less than all of its brothers in the dealer line and is a fantastic on-the-go quilt retreat machine!

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Luminaire XP3

This is Brother’s current selling top-of-the-line sewing and embroidery machine!

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Stellaire XJ2

This is Brother’s second to the top combo machine. The Stellaire features a mobile app that transmits a picture of the hoop to the machine for precise design placement!

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NS1750D Combo

Here is one of the most budget friendly combo machines Brother offers. The NS1750 still has both a fantastic needle threader and thread cutter, even though it is so economical!

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PR1055X Multi-Needle

The ten-needle machine has an maximum of an 8″- 14″ embroidery area combined with up to 1000 stitches per minute! Brother installed a wireless feature for this machine allowing a wireless transfer of designs from your computer to the machine! Also, updates are automatically downloaded onto the machine, and a built-in camera scans the embroidery frame for precise design placement. This PR1055X is the leading machine in the home-embroidery industry!

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PR680w Multi-Needle

The six-needle machine has an maximum of an 8″- 12″ embroidery area, and features wireless connectivity! The 680 assists with precise design placement by using a laser needle cross-hairs to see exacty where your needle will drop on all sides of your design!

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Stellaire XE2

This is the top of the line of dedicated embroidery machines! The Stellaire has wireless capability as well, and features a mobile app compatibility for connecting your phone to your machine. The app enables you to precisely place designs in the hoop, send new designs to your machine, and even draw your own designs. The Stellaire has a massive 9.5″ x 14″ embroidery area, is capable of yarn-couching, has an 11.25″ throat-space, and a tablet sized screen!

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Essence VE2300

The Essence has an 8″ x 12″ embroidery area, no Design Center, like the Stellaire has, and no wireless connectivity. It is the lowest machine in the line to still have 11.25″ of embroidery workspace.

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The NQ1700E drops down to a 6″ x 10″ embroidery area and is the lowest machine in the line to have the wireless capability. But, this machine does support the mobile app integration!

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The 330D offers an auto-depth-sensing blade! This allow for automatic half-cuts or whole cuts on material without cutting through the mat! This model also has Wi-Fi capability! Scanning in designs and using designs you created on the free Scan ‘N Cut Canvas software create two huge features of this machine; they enable very personalized projects, originality, and perfect duplication for a home-based side hustle. We stock these: call today!

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The 325 also has an auto-depth sensing blade! What’s different? 325 has no famous artwork installed: basic shapes and lettering. However, this too has the Wi-Fi connectivity, just like the 330D! Your computer can send the design over to the 325 without a thumb-drive! And, did you know that you can cut your fabric on this machine? The Scan ‘N Cut will cut your applique pieces in whatever shape you design!

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This serger is a standard 4-thread serger with a secret advantage: air-threading! With the assistance of air power, the machine threads the two levers (upper & lower)! Now, you don’t have to haul your machine in to the service guys every time you need to rethread: who likes to thread a serger? The serger does.

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