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The INFINITY extends the longest sewing arm in the HQ line-up! This twenty-six inches long arm delivers large edge-to-edge designs and space to work freely! Three thousand one-hundred stitches per minute and highly customizable handles are two of its best features. Pro-Stitcher combined with this machine brings in the world of business and provides limitless opportunity to stitch art onto quilts and bring beauty.


The AMARA 24 rides in second, but not by much for its size. It extends 24 inches in length, and also features customizable handles. Stitching up to 2,500 stitches per minute, this machine is known for having the quieter performance and quilting experience! It has two brothers: AMARA 20 and AMARA ST. Both brothers have 20-inch throat space and the AMARA ST is a sit-down quilting machine, but still boasts stitch regulation.

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The MOXIE fits the budget homeowner better than either of its two uncles, AMARA and INFINTIY. The Moxie has neither adjustable handles, nor fast stitches per inch, but it does its job well! It’s been fresh on the market for the past couple of years, and recently, its brother MOXIE XL has joined him in the family line-up. Moxie has 15 inches of throat space, and his brother, 18. Moxie has 1800 stitches per minute, but Moxie XL has 2100.

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