Longarm Club


This “club” is FREE and open to owners of any Longarm brand!

The Longarm Club is fantastic for learning new features, solving problems, and seeing other fellow quilters on a regular basis. It’s also perfect, even if you don’t have specific questions, but you still want to learn more!

There is no need to register, just come! We send out an email before each event; so, if you are interested in coming, sign up for the email, and we’ll look forward to seeing you then!

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Welcome to the Longarm club!

About this Club:

Do you enjoy working with your longarm quilter?  Do you enjoy talking about techniques and styles you use?  Would you enjoy learning new aspects of your machine and growing in ideas and skills?  Then this club is for you!

During this hour-long time, we will be dividing it up between three sections:

  1. Community resources, & Questions and Answers
    • During this time people can ask questions about problems or struggles they are having, whether it be threads, batting, (or maybe customers, lol) and we can share ideas for how to remedy them
    • Maybe you have a gadget or tool that you really like or recently found and want to bring it along to show others
  2. Class Time
    • During this section, we will be teaching something different every month for the next 12 months
      • Everything from Tensions, to rulers, to different feet, to unique techniques!
    • While we will be teaching on Handi Quilter machines, we will also try to make this class as applicable to all brands of machines so that it will benefit everyone!
  3. Show and Tell, & How Should I Quilt This?
    • Bring along one or two of your recent projects to share with the group
    • Or if you have a quilt top that you are not sure how to quilt it, bring it along and we can use the Quilter’s Preview Paper to help develop ideas about ways to quilt it nicely!

This “club” is FREE and open to owners of any Longarm brand!

There is no need to register, just come!  And we’ll look forward to seeing you then!

Event Details

Day 1: October 20, 2022

Day 2: December 15, 2022

Day 3: January 19, 2023

Day 4: February 16, 2023

Day 5: March 16, 2023

Day 6: April 20, 2023

Day 7: June 15, 2023

Day 8: July 20, 2023

Day 9: August 17, 2023

Start time: 10:30 a.m.
End time: 11:30 a.m.

Venue: A Stitch In Time Conference Room

Phone: (218) 444-7727

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